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Commercial Security Systems

Gotcha Security offers comprehensive business security. We focus on client problems and build solutions to meet their needs. Whether you need surveillance to deter property crime or access control to prohibited areas, we have a solution for you. No problem is too big or too small for us to solve. We pride ourselves on being one of the best security companies around due to our expertise in both the construction and IT sides of installation. This means smoother project management and better results.

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Systems and Services:

Access Control 

Solutions include telephone entry, gate operators, barrier arms, long range readers, dual readers, etc. We are partnered with DoorKing and ZK Access. We offer property-wide access control as well as standalone units. Protect server rooms, executive offices, and other secure areas.


Our commercial alarm systems offer more than just break-in protection. Sophisticated alarm technology allows you to manage users, security, and environmental controls all from one platform. Manage your system from your computer, tablet, phone, or Apple Watch.

Design and Installation

Customized solutions come from careful design and installation. We do not take shortcuts or generalize when it comes to protecting your property. We guarantee great results and great aesthetics.

Surveillance Services

Our surveillance systems are equipped with remote access capabilities. Remotely interact with your system anytime anywhere.  We also offer system repair and video retrieval services.

Live Monitoring Services

Have peace of mind knowing that your property is being watched. Our live-monitoring services will ensure that your property is safe. In the event something happens, predetermined protocol will be followed.

Surveillance Solutions

A wide-range of solutions are available through security systems. We are experienced in building solutions for multi-occupant property managers, hospitality, construction sites and developers.

Surveillance Analytics

Transform standard security cameras into a powerful system. Analytics provide valuable insight into business operations and property movement.